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Assassination Attempt at the 314 Brigade

National Yemen

high ranking military officers

By NY Staff

A military source in the administration of the 314 Brigade refuted that a recent assassination attempt was not the result of a soldier mutiny.

“The general visited the parachute battalion stationed at the military music institute to exchange the battalion with another one,” the source stated.  According to the source that after the exchange the general held a meeting with the soldiers and then left for his car.

When he arrived at his car, he was shot at “by one of the attendees who tried to assassinate the general but failed,” the source added. The source considered this as a plot by anonymous actors. “Though officers and escorts tried to return fire, the general prevented them.”

It was declared that the attacker was not a member of the 314 Brigade. “Investigations are on-going and will eventually prosecute him,” the source concluded.