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Heated Arguments as the House of Representatives Resume Sessions

National Yemen

Yemeni Parliament

By NY Staff

The House of Representatives resumed its sessions on Saturday that quickly became heated. Representative Ali Al-Shadadi, who suspended his attendance at the sessions after ‘The Massacre of Al-Karama Friday’, initiated the discussions.

Al-Shadadi attended the session on Saturday and raised the issue of Abyan and the suffering of people there. He demanded the government to take a serious attitude towards what is happening in Abyan and threatened to do things that “no one will like.” Al-Shadadi described the situation in Abyan as catastrophic and that it is similar to what happened in Gaza.

“The situation is disastrous because of damaging aerial and naval bombings that have forced many citizens to flee their house,” said Al-Shadadi.

The issue irritated the Chairman of the House Yahiya Al-Ra’ai and the Representative Sultan Al-Barakani who did not like Al-Shadadi’s attitudes towards Saleh’s regime. Al-Ra’ai attacked Al-Shadadi saying that they expected him to thank the house for sending an investigation commission to Abyan rather than attacking them.

“I suggest we call the government today to discuss the general security situation in the whole country,” he added.

On his part, Representative Sultan Al-Barakani accused Al-Shadadi for forgetting about people in Abyan for the last 11 months while he was in Egypt and Germany. He added that Al-Shadadi does not know that displaced people reside only in Aden and not in many other governorates.

Al-Barakani rejected the idea of anonymous factors helping Al-Qaeda in Abyan and said that the presence of Al-Qaeda is real and it announced Abyan as Islamic state. Al-Barakani suggested calling the government and investigating the help they have earmarked for displaced people. “I suggest each representative donate a month salary or at least 100,000 thousand YR for them.”

Representative Mansour Al-Zindani suggested questioning President Hadi and Prime Minister Basindowa about the security situation in Yemen. His suggestion was quickly mocked by the other members who told him that the house does not have the right to question the president. “The president has the right to sack any representative and any official or minister in the country, but we do not have the right to question him” Al-Ra’ai responded to Al-Zindain’s suggestion.