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Neighboring Countries Do Not Want a Strong, Centralist, and Democratic Yemen

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By Asma’a Al-Mahatwary

NY Staff

Future Partners for Development, in cooperation with the Knowledge Exchange Forum, held a panel discussion on the political future of Yemen. A number of important people attend the seminar discussion including Dr. Fouad Al-Salahi, Mr. Mohammad Abolohom, Mr. Ali Bawazeer and other prominent personalities. The discussion focused around the problems Yemen faced after unity; unity and the choices to protect it; and federalism in Yemen’s future.

Al-Salahi declared that unity is the main exit to escape the conflict in Yemen. Also, he claimed that a national country should be built; otherwise, Yemen will remain divided. In addition, he warned that neighboring countries do not want Yemen to be a strong, centralized, democratic country.

“Political powers prevent Yemen from coming back to its natural position. We want a country depends on citizenship, law, education, production, social justice and does not depend on sharing powers,” Al-Salahi said.

Al-Faqih responded by saying that Yemen “needs a modern country and we should evolve our politics into foundations that do not depend on a religion or discriminate between parties.” Al-Faqih compared Yemen with neighboring countries that have integrated religion into their system but still achieved stability. Yemen, he said, has failed to stabilize. As a result, opposition and changing requests have dominated.

This discussion concluded with some suggestions and recommendations. The panelists primarily focused on a general culture project that should be made to enable all parties and groups to exchange their opinions. Furthermore, it could be used as a national political project to protect the country. Moreover, there should be a national loyalty and a political agreement.

“Parties should not interfere in the system and the ruling of the country, we must have only one party, and we do not a sectarianism country,” said one panelist.

 They recommended that the confidence between the north and south should be restored as well.

“We have to get rid of the tribal system and replace it with a modern one. Federalism is the only way which can change Yemen’s future,” Mr. Khaled Aobali concluded.