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“Opponent” Saleh Attacks “Weak” Government

National Yemen


BY NY Staff

Former president Saleh harshly criticized the new government and addressed it as the “fragile government” and said it will not be able to build Yemen.

In his speech, Saleh addressed his supporters saying that the new government does fill the required roles of politics.

“Two months passed since forming the new government and I can see how it will not be able to build Yemen,” Saleh stated.

Saleh said that Yemeni people stood steadfast during the crisis and were victorious on February 21 when they elected their new president. According to him, the opposition wrongly claimed that people suffered from a dictatorial and authoritarian regime. In fact, he said it was the opposition that was backwards and caused Yemen to suffer.

“They [the opposition] cut off roads, expelled citizens from their houses, seized and looted governmental institutions like those of commerce, Yemen Airways Company, Water Corporation, and the Shura Council,” Saleh said referencing to the demonstrators residing beside the university and to Sadeq Al-Ahmer, who was fighting against Saleh’s government.

Saleh remarked that the opposition is lying to themselves when they talk about their revolution. “The real revolutions happened on September 26 and October 14,” he continued, “those are the revolutions that made the real Yemeni people and made you love your home as it loved you.”

Saleh concluded his speech saying that there will be a conference called “The Fall of the Arab Spring,” in which he will reveal all the facts that will defeat those who are corrupted.

Saleh’s speech comes at time when JMPs refused to have any dialogue with the GPC unless the army is restructured and Saleh’s relatives are removed from power. On his part, Hadi rejected the demands of the JMPs and said that national dialogue should be conducted before anything else for it will present many solutions for southern and army issues.

After his speech, political analysts said that Saleh has taken the role of an opponent after ruling Yemen for almost 33 years.