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Saleh Demands Departure of 10 People Involved in Yemen Crisis

National Yemen

Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh

By NY Staff

As leaders in the JMP announced that Saleh should leave the presidency of the GPC, GPC responded by saying that Saleh previously agreed with Ali Mohsen that all those who contributed to the crisis should leave power and their positions.

In a press release, the GPC stated that the agreement provided that all those in power should leave for the sake of Yemen stability. According to the release, the agreement included the departure of Ali Mohsen, Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani, Mohammed Al-Yadoomi, Abdulwahab Al-Anisi, Mansour Al-Hanaq, Hameed, Madhaj, Hashim and Hussien Al-Ahmer and Mohammed Ali Mohsen.

The release said that Saleh willing left office and now the international community must follow through on its commitment and remove the rest of those who were involved in Yemen’s crisis.

Spokesperson of the GPC Abdo Al-Janadi said that Saleh made many concessions for the sake of Yemen. “Yemen would have survived the crisis, but people in the JMP considered it as a weakness,” he stated.

According to him, the agreement between Saleh and Ali Mohsen does not force Saleh to leave Yemen.

In this regard, Houthis welcomed the call of Saleh. The Houthis have long considered members such as Ali Mohsen the real reason for Yemen’s crisis because of his involvement in the six wars against Sheikh Zindani and the Al-Ahmer sons.

In a related matter, Sheikhs and tribal men are continuing their visits to Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer at his house in the Al-Hasaba district to congratulate him for his victory on Saleh and removing him from power after 33 years of ruling the country.