Sheikh Appeals to Save Endangered Historical Buildings in Hadramout

National Yemen

Shibam city at Wadi Hadramout Yemen

By NY Staff

Sheikh Ahmed Bin-Mubarak Ba-Ghareeb called upon the Ministry of Awqaf and the Minister of Culture to take serious steps in order to save a historical mosque and school in the Hadramout governorate.

According to the Sheikh, the mosque has always been a milestone in carrying and conveying the message of Islam.

 “The mosque was built in Al-Shahr directorate in Hadramout over 500 years ago and many Islamic scholars studied and graduated from it,” he said when asked about the mosque.

The Sheikh sent his calls to the ministries because the mosque needs urgent maintenance and repairs because are becoming more prominent in its walls, pillars and minaret. “I wish my appeal gets fast and serious responses and is not ignored like the previous ones,” the Sheikh said.

Ba-Ghareeb noted that repairing buildings of mosques should be done carefully and their features must not be changed. According to him, changing their features will cause them lose its historical values.

The Sheikh also called upon concerned ministries, international heritage conservation organizations, and the governor of Hadramout to save the Sheikh Ba-Ghareeb School. The school’s history goes back over 800 years, making it one of the oldest schools in the country.  Despite its age, the school is still active and educates kids from when they are five until they are 15. Adding to its importance, many prominent individuals have graduated from the school, such as Sheikh Sa’ad Ba-Ghareeb and Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein Blfaqeeh.

It is worth mentioning that scholars in Tareem focused on teaching Tajweed, science and the Qur’an in the way of Sheikh Omar Bin Abdullah Ba-Ghareeb, who is considered one of the most prominent teachers in the history of the school. Shiekh Omar is famous for his great and deep knowledge and his attractive and distinctive way of teaching. After Sheikh Omar passed, his son followed in his footsteps, and then after him, his grandson. Shiekh Omar’s successors still work in the school up till this very day.

Despite its storied history and is ability to produce great scholars today, it is still ignored by local authorities. As a result, the building is disintegrating and has received little support. The only funds that support the school comes from those who work within it. Sheikh Ba-Ghreem hopes that through his efforts concerned authorities will remember the great importance of the historical mosques and schools and help save them.