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More Than 20 Vehicles Seized in One Week

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 By NY Staff

A group of gunmen in Al-Radhma, Ma’abar and Dhamar districts attacked a number of passengers and drivers of on the road of Ibb, Ma’abar and Dhamar. They randomly shot at drivers and passengers to seize the vehicles.

According to the gunmen, they are taking revenge for the stolen cars they lost three years ago. The shootings resulted in a serious injury for one of the drivers while others were slightly injured and other people were terrorized.

Eight vehicles were seized alongside many other cars. Witnesses say that drivers have been captured by the attackers and have been humiliated by the armed men for over ten days.

The families of the captured drivers threatened revenge if authorities did nothing. They demanded that the authorities quickly arrest attackers, put them on trial, and release their captured relatives.

A senior security source described the situation in Luder governorate as serious. He added that armed men took revenge for the confiscation of a number of vehicles in Luder in Radhma by seizing four vehicles from the Ibb governorate. Some vehicles were released while all drivers were also released after the meditation of Sheikh Salah Ahmed Abdulhabeeb, who now owns one of the seized vehicles.

The same security source warned of the danger of the increased operations of seizing and kidnapping vehicles with their drivers. He stated that there will be actions of revenge if authorities keep ignoring the problem and their duty. The source said the government should stop negotiating with criminals as this tactic is increasing the level of violence in the area.

The interference of governors in Luder, Dhamar and Ibb governorates did not help to arrest the offenders, nor did their efforts release drivers. People reported that some governors promised to give attackers money to release those kidnapped but it has only made the situation more complicated.

Relatives of kidnapped people said that the main reason behind the continuity of this phenomenon is because of the security forces penchant for negotiating with criminals instead of capturing and prosecuting them.  

 In this regard, Sheikh Salah Ahmed Abdulhabeeb said that they demand the authorities to quickly and fully conduct its investigations regarding this problem.

“We also demand them to seriously punish and stop those attackers and kidnappers and present them for trial,” he added.

Abdulhabeeb stated that security forces should take their responsibility to arrest the attackers and return the seized vehicles and release the drivers. Sheikh Salah added that security forces should maintain a proper image of the government and impose law and order.

Many citizens and prominent figures in the Luder governorate called upon President Hadi to stop the slandering of property and lives by “terrorist groups,” prevent future looting, and prosecute those involved in negotiating with criminals.  However, local officials told the president that they are not involved in any incidents of kidnapping or seizing properties of others. “If cars were seized in Al-Habelein district, attackers do not have the right to seize and kidnap to take revenge,”officials said.