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Salafis Throw Hat into Yemen’s Political Arena

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Three member of Salafi newly announced party

By Khadija al-Khateeb

NY Staff

After finally deciding to join the political field, Salafis launched a conference to officially establish their party in Yemen last week. The activity was attended by senior Salafi sheiks from different Salafi governorate sections as well as senior politicians.

The conference convened for two days and aimed at unifying the Salafis efforts to create a comprehensive political vision.

“The vision will help build the country in the aftermath of the changes Yemen witnessed last year,” a Salafi leader said.

Sheikh Al-Ameri, the head of the preparatory committee said that all Salafis will cooperate with Yemenis in the interest of the country. “We will be ruled and directed by Qur’an and Sunna and will work under the roof of national unity,” he added.

Sheikh Aqeel Al-Maqtari, who served as the secretary general for the conference, said that Salafis are not isolated and seek the positive change and reforms. According to him, Salafis carried out many meetings before finally deciding to join the political fray.

Sheikh Murad Al-Qadasi said that getting involved in the political field is not about self-interest, rather, it will allow Salafis to participate in the political field to promote the general interest of the country. Because of this, he said the Salafis will have to be more attentive to the issues of their nation and people.

In a related matter, Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar said that Yemen suffered from many problems that caused the Youth Revolution. Al-Hitar explained the choice of Salafis to join the political scene as a duty, as it is for all Yemenis, to help Yemen successfully emerge from the crises that have plagued Yemen.

The final statement of the conference established the political party under the name of “Al-Rashad Union.” At the end of the conference, participants formed a preparatory committee to participate in the political national dialogue. As such, the committee was assigned to prepare a political vision and contribute it to the national dialogue.

It is worth noting that the Salafis have been completely disengaged from the political scene until this past year. The change came when the Salafis in Yemen witnessed the success of the Salafi party in the post-revolution elections after winning the second largest amount of seats in parliament.