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Ali Naser: There Are Conditions for Holding the National Dialogue

National Yemen

Ali Naser

By: NY Staff

Former Southern President Ali Naser said that change in Yemen is still far away according to the opinions held by the youth. He added that the current political situation in Yemen is in a very complicated state due to the dramatic changes brought on by the revolution.

During the interview an interview with Al-Jomhouria newspaper, Naser called the reconciliation government to address the demands of people and reduce the gap between them and the people.

“They can reduce the gap through conducting a serious dialogue that focuses on the different issues of the country that will help it survive the current crises,” he stated. He warned of the consequences of government failure, as it would result in an increase in problems. “The revolution is the only guarantee for achieving complete change,” he added.

Speaking about national dialogue, Ali Naser said that they called for this dialogue a long time ago but with no success. He added that this caused the situation to deteriorate, particularly in the south. “National dialogue is not just a demand of political parties; rather it is a public, national, regional and international demand,” he stated.

Ali Naser said it is normal for Herak to have their conditions for joining the national dialogue, just like any other participant in the dialogue. Naser said that the most important condition of Herak is to ensure the southern issue is discussed as a political and national issue. “ Such steps will create the right atmosphere for a dialogue that include all Yemeni issues; including the southern and Houthi issues,” said Naser.