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Discussing the Draft Law of Transitional Justice


National Yemen

Symposium Held by Institution of Justice and Equity

By: NY Staff

Institution of Justice and Equity held a symposium about the draft law of transitional justice at Al-Saeed Institution for Sciences under the slogan, “Transitional Justice: Reality and Aspirations.” The institution is concerned with the affairs of martyrs and wounded individuals in addition to the documentation of crimes and violations of human rights with the help of Ministry of Legal Affairs.

During the symposium, Director of the Legal Affairs Minster’s Office Moneer Al-Saqaf said that the draft law aims to achieve peace through the implementation of national reconciliation. “National reconciliation will never be achieved unless it is paired with an effective solution for the current problems,” he added. According to him, the most important principles of justice is knowing the truth, and then, compensating individuals and society to prevent the recurrence of serious violations in the future.

On his part, Lawyer Ali Al-Mansoub, Chairman of Justice and Equity Institutions said that transitional justice is the only guarantor for overcoming the past with all its difficulties, hardships and crises. “It will help the country avoid any tendency for revenge and restore trust between the government and citizens.”

Al-Mansoub added that the concept of compensation means satisfying the victims and revealing the truth for every single incident, holding people responsible for such incidents, stopping the current violations and preventing their recurrence in the future. Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Al-Dorra, Dean of Law Faculty at Taiz University proposed the foundations and permissions of the transitional justice as well as its goals and objectives.

At the end of the symposium, attendees discussed many relevant issues and the importance of including the revolution in the law instead of dealing with it as a crisis between government and opposition.