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Journey of Escape Full of Pain

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Ethiopian immigrants in Haradh City

By: NY Staff

 Reuter’s news agency said that around 12,000 immigrants from the Horn of Africa, mostly Ethiopians, arrived to Haradh City in order to  enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The agency published photos of a number of immigrants who are in Haradh after gangs subjected them to torture. “A number of them were detained in the backyards of gangs and gunmen’s houses,” the agency stated.

According to the agency, gangs arrest the immigrants and then demand a ransom from their relatives in Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia in order to release them.


  • Higher education is affected by the different models of cost distribution. The students are facing many problems regards to their studies. They do not pay such higher rates and left their studies but they are intended to study more but they do not have any opportunity.

  • Immigrants should be treated very carefully. They must be checked properly whether they are terrorists or not. If they are normal citizens they can be add a positive impact in your country.