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Kuwait Calls International Community to Support Yemen

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Human Rights Council

BY: NY Staff

In the meeting held by the Human Rights Council, Kuwait called the international community to support Yemen as it works to overcome the economic challenges it faces during this critical stage of political change. Kuwait also asked the international community to gain a full understanding of the current situation in Sana’a regarding the issues of human rights.

The Kuwaiti news agency Kuna reported through Malik Hussien Al-Wazan, an adviser in the Kuwait Delegation to the United Nations, that Kuwait is concerned with the unity, security and stability of Yemen.

The adviser said in a recent speech that Kuwait would continue to encourage the completion of the political process according to the GCC initiative. Also, he stressed the role of enhancing cooperation with the United Nations and Human Rights Council and sent a call for the Higher Commissioner to visit Yemen.

Al-Wazan also praised Yemeni attitudes towards welcoming most of the recommendations of the Higher Commissioner and called the Yemeni government to inaugurate an office for the Higher Commission in Yemen.

It is worth mentioning that Human Rights Council is discussing the provision of technical support for Yemen to build its abilities in the field of human rights. This support aims to create a general timeframe for continuation of dialogue to enhance cooperation with the commissioner and the international community.