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Mashhoor Calls for Dissolution of Ministries of Information and Human Rights

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Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Houria Mashhoor

By: NY Staff

Minister of Human Rights Houria Mashhoor called for dissolution of the Ministries of Human Rights and Information in order to replace them with professional and impartial national organizations and institutions. According to her, these new organizations should guarantee wider space for media freedom and freedom of expressions alongside development of new jobs within civil society organizations.

Her call came during a speech at the inauguration of the Freedom Foundation and said that the country is in a need for a comprehensive media message rather than a message that causes more separation among people.

The Founder and Chairman of Freedom Foundation Khaled Al-Hammadi said that the foundation aims to achieve a number of goals and will support the call of Mashoor. Chief among the goals of the foundation is to document the violations of media freedom. Al-Hammadi stated that the foundation is considered to be a national initiative and that it will focus on documenting the violations of media freedom and freedom of expression, supporting the rights of journalists and conducting programs for media development.

“This will help media do its part raising the awareness and enhancing the freedom, democracy and human rights in Yemen,” he stated. According to Al-Hammadi, all this will be achieved through cooperation with similar national and international foundations.

It is worth mentioning that the foundation received its license from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and it includes a number of media volunteer.