Prime Minister Meets with Gulf Investment Delegation

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Yemeni Prime Minister

By: NY Staff

 Yesterday Prime Minister Mohamed Salem Basondowa received the Gulf Investment Delegation headed by Jamal Bin Badr, which included a number of businessmen, investors and representatives from a number of Gulf companies.

In the meeting, they discussed business and investment activities of investors and Gulf companies in Yemen. They also discussed the promising opportunities available to strengthen and increase economic development in the coming period.

The Gulf Investment Delegation proposed a detailed overview of the currently planned projects that will be carried out by a number of Gulf and foreign companies in Yemen. The projects will provide significant employment opportunities.

 News agencies reported that prime minister talked about the government support for all activities, domestic and foreign investment, and that it will provide all facilities necessary for the success of its work.

The support will include contributing to the support of government efforts to develop the national economy and absorb unemployment and poverty alleviation. The prime minister referred to the available investment opportunities in promising sectors and the importance of capitalizing them for the benefit of Yemen and investment companies.