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Sheikhs Succeed in the Release of More Than 20 Vehicles Seized in Ibb

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Seized Vehicles

By: NY Staff

As security authorities suspiciously ignored the problem, a number of Sheikhs from Demt, Ibb and Luder governorates successfully released more than 20 vehicles seized in Ibb’s Radma district. Gunmen seized the vehicles more than two months ago in the Ibb governorate. The reasons for their seizure were in response to two vehicles that were confiscated from the gunmen three years ago. To negotiate the release of the vehicles, multiple Sheikhs formed a committee to negotiate with the gunmen. The committee included Sheikhs Salah Ahmed Abdulhabeeb and Hassan Yahiya Al-Odainee from Luder, and Shiekhs Mohsen Abdulmajeed Al-Ja’afari, Fadhl Al-Odaeeni and Mothana Al-Waqra from Demt. “People in Demt City represented Yemeni nobility when they took responsibility in releasing the looted vehicles and returned them to their owners,” Sheikh Ahmed Abdulhabeeb said.

Reports stated that the seized vehicles were of different kinds and that their drivers were kidnapped and humiliated by the gunmen. In this regard, a security source spoke unanimously describing the situation in Luder governorates as very dangerous.

“Earlier, they seized four vehicles with their drivers but the intervention succeeded in releasing them with the help of Sheikh Abdulhabeeb, who was one of the vehicles owners,” stated the source. The source confirmed that such operations are increasing and expanding to many districts in both the northern and southern governorates due to the security void. He warned of a possible increase in these operations especially because relatives of kidnapped people will start taking revenge if authorities keep ignoring the problem. “The government should stop negotiating with criminals as this tactic is increasing the level of violence in the area,” the source added.