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Somali Girl Caught with a Bag Full of Explosives

National Yemen

People Celebrating Saleh's Birthday at Al-Sabeen Square

By: NY Staff

Sources reported that policewomen arrested a 14 year old Somali girl with a bag full of explosives. The sources said that the girl was arrested during the Day of Loyalty established to honor the former president and that she was sitting among the women who came to participate in the celebration.

“The girl was crying when a women noticed her and when she asked her for the reason, the girl said that people want to explode the whole place,” stated the sources.

Policewomen rushed to the girl and removed her from the areas. When asked about the explosives, she told them that unanimous people gave her the bag and ordered her to attend the celebration. “They brought me in a taxi and ordered me to head to Al-Sabeen square,” the girl said