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Taiz Sheikh Speaks About Yemen Events

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Abyen security forces surround town of Zinjibar

By NY Staff

Sheikh Ibrahim  Sahal Ba-Alawy, Mufti of Taiz, denounced the assassination of the American  teacher Joel Sharm in Taiz earlier this week and explained that  his death is clearly related to what happened recently happened in France and the country’s attitude towards Muslims.

Ba’alawy, a graduate from the American University in Beirut, said that the killing of a person is wrong, regardless of their nationality. He added that Western intelligence agents are widely spread throughout the country and that the victim could very well be Al-Qaeda or any other political organization.

Sheikh Ibrahim questioned the acceptance of American attacks in the country by the current regime.

 “We have to figure out the main responsible for the wars taking place either in the north or in the south,” he added. According to him, it is only through answering these questions people will clearly know the plans that aimed to create this disastrous crisis in Yemen.

Sheikh Ibrahim talked about plans to repeat events of Abyan governorate in Taiz and said that such things are possible as long as the former regime is still handling critical positions in the country. “The former president is still holding up to 80% of the power while JMP holds the remaining 20%. Because of this, the revolution should seriously take out every single figure in the former regime from power.”

In regard to the crimes committed by Houthis in Haja and Sa’ada governorate, Sheikh Ba-Alawy said people should first know who gave rise to the Houthis in Yemen and the reasons behind the support they have been given. “It is of no doubt that the events in Yemen were created to build a civil war between the Yemeni people,” he added.

Sheikh Ibrahim was one of the first Sheikhs to join the peaceful youth revolution and he delivered speeches in Freedom Square in Taiz. He was removed from his job despite graduating from the American University in Beirut and his fluency in English language.