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U.S. Donates 15 Megawatt Power Plant U.S. to Yemen


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By: NY Staff

An American investment delegation is expected to present a proposal for a U.S. power plant with the capacity of 15 megawatts as a free gift to Yemen during delegation’s visit.  The visit will begin this Friday under the chairmanship of Vasily Gelokhnki.

The September Net site stated that the delegation is scheduled to meet on Friday to complete the negotiations and signing of contracts with the Yemeni government on the establishment of power plant capacity of 15 megawatts.

The visit of the delegation follows a recent US-Turkish delegation that visited Yemen recently and met with Minister Mohamed Salem Basendwah and a number of officials to discuss the implementation of projects in the field of energy, water and sanitation.

The regional representative of PEG in Yemen, Hashim Mohammed Al-Thawr, said that PEG plans to invest $3 billion US in energy projects, drainage, health, and water.

He indicated that the response shown by the Yemeni government with the recent delegations encouraged the group to engage in multiple investments. He also pointed out that the group has initiated the preparation of studies and plans for the implementation of scientific projects that meet international standards.