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Women to Participate in National Dialogue

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National Conference of Yemeni Women

By: NY Staff

Minister of Human Rights Houria Mashhoor said that the Women’s National Conference

held last week paved the way for wide female participation in Yemen’s national dialogue.

Mashhoor said in a press conference that the preparatory committee for the dialogue will be formed soon and will be headed by the prime minister in consultation with different revolutionary and political powers.

She explained the reasons behind delaying the formation of the committee was due to political powers demanding that the army be restructured before the committee is formed. According to Mashhoor, these demands include establishing security and stability and removing all armed organizations from the streets.

In regard to the victims of the six wars in the Sa’ada governorates and in the south, who were both not included in the decree of prime minister, Mashhoor said that they are the victims of a fight between different political powers. “Their situation will be fixed and they will be dealt equally with the martyrs of the peaceful revolution,” she added