Abdurrahman Bajash: Al-Thawra Facing Collapse

National Yemen

al-Thawra daily governmental newspaper

By NY Staff

New Chief Editor of Al-Thawra Newspaper Abdurrahman Bajash warned that the state run paper is on the brink of due to its financial crisis. Bajash warned that the institution might close at any moment threatening the livelihood of its 1200 employees.

“We have been unable to raise the 14 billion YR needed to keep the paper fully operationally. Even after strenuous efforts, we could only raise 4 million YR,” said Bajash.  Abdurrahman added that the government failed to find a new administration for the newspaper. As a result, many employees have stopped coming to work– a sign of the paper’s pending collapse.

In this regard, the administrative and financial teams at Al-Thawra formed a committee to discuss how to reorganize its revenues and expenses in order to stabilize the paper. The committee stressed the necessity of implementing the steps agreed upon by the paper’s commerce department that outline a strategy to collect overdue payments for advertisements. In addition, it emphasized the importance of only paying for critical operations until a new administration for the institution is selected. Finally, the committee called on all employees to come to work, as their absence will undoubtedly affect the work of the paper.

Al-Thawra state run newspaper is a governmental newspaper that has been publishing daily papers since 1962.