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National Yemen

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Fakhri al-Arashi

Aden Satellite, the oldest channel in south Yemen, is financially unstable. With its pending collapse, the Minister of Information and the Prime Minister are trying to find the cause for the channel’s demise.

A source informed National Yemen that the channel might suspend its production activity if there is no quick action taken by the high ranking officials in Yemen’s government. The source said that the channel operates under the general cooperation for TV and radio in Sana’a. As a result, each request, no matter how small, must go through the bureaucracy of Sana’a. Worse, the source said, “Studio 2 and 1 are no longer working and the team at the channel is frustrated with each additional daily challenge.”

Another source at the channel said, “we cannot operate any new programs, copying, data filing for future circulation. The channel archive is low and the air conditioning is not working.”

“The financial support and salaries should have come through Sana’a but we haven’t received it. Our duty here at the channel is to pay staff their salaries, daily petty cash and other amount of money for daily use,” said a source at the financial department of the channel.

Dr. Khalid Abdul-Karim, a well-respected person at the channel said that it is unfair for the government or the people in charge to neglect the daily appeals of the executive manager of the channel. “We no longer have the financial ability to compete with programmers,” he noted.

Dr. Abdul-Karim said, “we have witnessed new emerging private channels owned by personal, businessmen and political parties. These channels have used our information but are unwilling to help us back. We are in need to the support of the government because the channel is going through hard time. We anticipate the worst if the situation of the channel will continue without the attention of the minister of information.”

An announcer, who may leave to work for Aden  said, “it’s a sad situation and I am afraid if this is the end of the channel.”

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