Tunisian Ambassador Calls Yemen Private Sector to Participate in Tunisian Exhibitions

National Yemen

Tunisian Ambassador

By: NY Staff

Tunisian Ambassador to Sana’a Tawfiq Jaber called the private sector, economic institutions and the Yemeni businessmen to participate in the economic events and exhibitions in Tunisia this year.

 In a meeting held with the administration of Yemen’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jaber expressed the desire of his country to establish an investment partnership with the private sector in the medical field.  More specifically, this would involve companies that import medicine, medical supplies, and medical packaging.

 The ambassador stated that Yemen participated in the international annual exhibition of “Safaqis” and won the prize of the best participating country. Based on this, Tunisia decided to begin working to establish a trade network of commercial and service opportunities between both countries.  This would encourage trade, investment communication and new projects; thus, supporting a partnership that could overcome the global recession.

 In this regard, Jaber suggested exchanging business, trade and economy delegations to follow the implementation of the agreement signed in 2009 between Yemen and Tunisia.

 Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hassan Al-Kabous expressed the readiness of the Yemeni private sector to participate in Tunisia’s trade exhibitions and was ready to exchange periodical visits to encourage stronger relationships between the two countries. Al-Kabous stressed the importance of enhancing the partnership investment in the different sectors and learning from Tunisian success in order to carry out investment projects that meet aspirations of both countries.

 Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mohammed Mohammed Salah said that the chamber is studying the possibility of moving from information exchange to a real and full economic partnership.

 Salah stated that the Yemeni government is moving to reform a number of economic laws with the help of the private sector. These actions, he says, will decrease unemployment by attracting and encouraging national and regional capital owners to invest in Yemen.