Yemeni Workers in Saudi Arabia to Gain Better Rights Protection

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Yemeni workers

By: NY Staff

The Ministry of Expatriate Affairs signed an agreement with the General Director Al-Dara’an for Advocacy and Legal Consultants, a Saudi law firm, to protecting the rights of Yemeni workers working in Saudi Arabia. This agreement will support and protect Yemeni citizens in legal disputes between them and their employers in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement will allow the law firm to provide legal services to Yemeni citizens working in Saudi Arabia for a small fee of 125 SR that will protect the contractual rights of Yemeni workers in Saudi Arabia. Through this, Yemeni citizens will be entitled to all the rights ensured by the Saudi laws and the country’s constitution. The agreement prevents the firm from accepting any complaints by the employers and sponsors before referring to Yemeni workers. Also, the firm is required to develop an appropriate mechanism that protects workers from any possible actions of revenge.

The agreement requires that the firm specify a special phone line to communicate with the Yemeni workers, receive their complaints, answer their inquiries and provide them with needed legal advice related to their rights in the job contract.

After signing the agreement, Al-Quhali stressed the importance of the role of the firm in protecting the rights of workers emphasizing that protecting the rights of expatriates will be the first priority for the ministry in the coming period.