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Al-Qaeda Seeks to Regain Control of Rada’a City

National Yemen

A side view of Rada'a City

By NY Staff

Tribal sources in the Rada’a directorate warned of “suspicious” movement of Al-Qaeda-linked groups who appear to be reentering the city to attack governmental, military and security targets and order to seize the city. Sources reported that tens of terrorists got into the city and joined a training camp belonging to Ansar Al-Sharia in Rada’a. Several reports stated that defected General Ali Mohsen has supported these groups with a number of military weapons.

In this regard, media sources reported clashes erupted between military forces stationed in the suburbs of Al-Beida governorate and groups of Ansar Al-Sharia. According to the sources, these clashes were followed by an exploding car that resulted in no injuries or causalities.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Qaeda groups that were led by the Tariq Al-Dhahab, who was killed recently, pledged allegiance to his brother Qaed Al-Dhahab in the Al-Beida governorate.