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Hadi Holds a Meeting with Government

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President Hadi Holds a Meeting with the Government

By: NY Staff

President Hadi held a meeting with government ministers and members of parliament. The purpose of the meeting, Hadi said, was to inform officials about new developments in the political and security situation of Yemen.

During the meeting, Hadi said in his remarks that the government’s number one goal was to successfully conduct the national dialogue with members for every aspect of Yemeni society. Hadi added that the national dialogue will include all the issues and crises that have affected the country and will discuss them in a way that will help the country move forward.

Additionally, the president talked about the government and how it is a national coalition with “no relation to any particular party and is solely in charge of implementing the GCC initiative.”

Hadi stressed in his speech that they he, nor does anyone else, want to go back to square number one and repeat the crises of the past. In order to avoid this fate, Hadi instructed the ministers to stay away “from all that may harm your position and duties and make sound decisions that are not based on personal interests.”

At the conclusion of his speech, he said that people entrusted Yemeni officials to survive the crisis, and it is their duty to fulfill their demands.