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Hood Organization Condemns Houthis Illegal Actions

National Yemen

Hood Organization

By: NY Staff

National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, also known as “Hood,” harshly condemned the illegal actions committed by Houthi-linked militias including illegal kidnapping and arrests. According to the organization, militias have kidnapped people from Al-Sakeebat village in the Amran governorate and placed them in makeshift prisons in schools and mosques.

The organization stated that Houthi groups kidnapped Abdulkareem Qasem, his son Ibrahim, Mahmoud Abdulbaqi, Abdulbaqi Al-Faqeeh and Mosleh Shami and took them to one of their illegal prisons. “They broke into their houses at night and arrested them. Children and women panicked as they could do nothing but watch,” the organization stated.

In this regard, the organization called upon the local authorities to be responsible and stop all these actions against Yemeni citizens and sent a call to Houthi groups to cease their criminal actions. According to the organization, militias are wrongly using mosques and schools as private prisons because it is against the law.

The organization also called the military committee assigned with achieving security and stability to pay a visit to the areas controlled by Houthis and intervene to stop their crimes. They also asked the committee to remove all the checkpoints recently created by those militias in the recent security void created by the revolution.

In the message sent to the commission, the Hood organization stated that there are more than ten new checkpoints created within the last few months — bandits established some of these.

“Bandits keep checking passengers going through those areas and are restricting the freedoms and rights of these citizens. This has resulted in a decline in trade and the closure of many schools,” the organization stated. It added that these checkpoints also caused a number of fatalities.

The organization warned from the continuity of such actions and stated that it will result in severe consequences that will not be able to be mended in the future.