Al-Fadhli Son Among Al-Qaeda Captive in Laoder

National Yemen

Tariq al-Fadhli surrounded by his little kids

By NY Staff

Sources said that the son of the head Sheikh of Al-Fadhl tribe has been arrested along with prominent members of Ansar al-Sharia’a in Abyen. The arrest occurred last Friday after an extensive clashes with the popular committees who support the government to free Lauder and the rest of the governorate from al-Qeada.

The popular committees said that they have captured Al-Fadhli’s son along with Abdul-Raouf Naseeb, Jalal al-Saidi and other members of al-Qeada who carry Somali citizenship. The popular committees said they have some concerns about Al-Fadli’s son and are holding them. Extensive clashes are happening while the government is trying to free Abyen.

Another said that Al-Qaeda put place a target on President Hadi for his aggressive attacks tin Abyen and for his cooperation with the Americans. They believe that Hadi has given the American more freedom than Saleh to use Yemeni airspace.