Al-Nasr Secondary School Suspends Activities

National Yemen

Sana'a University Students

BY NY Staff

A comprehensive strike for the teachers of Al-Nasr Secondary School forced the administration to suspend activities indefinitely. The teachers started their strike in order to reject the attempt of the governorate center to appoint a deputy in the school they do not want. According to the teachers, the deputy is known for her arrogance and bad dealing with the staff. They stated that the manager of the school verbally appointed one of the teachers to be the deputy to test her ability on doing the tasks. “The teacher failed in her mission and refused the orders of the manager to start teaching again,” they added.

Reports stated that the teachers had many meetings with officials in the Ministry of Education’s governorate office and conveyed their complaints but with no success.

According to educational sources, the deputy has recently issued a decree to be appointing herself to the position. “She keeps threatening teachers to send them to far places in the governorate to start teaching there with the help of officials who greatly support her in what she is doing,” one teacher said.

Parents of students expressed their dissatisfaction with school’s closure because final exams are approaching quickly. They requested the Minister of Education to quickly intervene in the problem and solve them.