Assist Initiative Holds Weekly Discussion Classes

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A Yemeni Youth Assist Initiative in group

By: Shawqi Al-Maayn

As Yemeni youth get more aware of the country’s needs to develop, youth initiatives are increasing in activity and are becoming more involved in developing Yemen. One such initiative that stands out is known as the Assist Initiative. Assist is a non-profit initiative designed to help youth groups in training and education aimed at promoting the rehabilitation of young people into the labor market. It does this by holding many activities that target youth graduating from high school and students studying in university.

One such activity is held by the initiative is weekly discussion classes during which participants discuss many pressing national and international issues. Discussions are not limited to such issues only; participants also discuss issues that are related to daily life in the country, social problems, and ways to overcome them.

Last week, the Assist held a discussion class to discuss how to start your own business. The idea of the discussion came from Facebook as one of the members of T.S.P page asked the question “How can I start my own business with 200.000 YR?”

“The topic was seriously considered by the administrators of the initiative and we decided to discuss it and see what youth think about this issue,” said Abdulkader Al-Jarabani, an Assist administrator.

During the class, participants were divided into groups which each had a leader who is expert in the field of establishing one’s own business. Groups were required to discuss a possible business that one of the members has in mind. As they were done, two members of each group presented the business they discussed and received many comments and inquiries about the possibility of establishing it.

“The comments were really beneficial as it drew our attention to things we missed when planning our business and we will take them in consideration,” said a girl who presented her own business idea.

According to one of the Assist administrators, classes that are discussing this kind of issues aim at raising the awareness of youth about them and give them insights from experts.

In the discussion, participants seemed to be very enthusiastic about the idea of funding and establishing a business – things they never thought about before.

At the end of the class, participants left with a lot of inspirational and motivating thoughts about how to establish their own business. They were aware of the regulations of establishing one’s own business and all of the procedures including planning, risks, customers’ needs, targeted market and the needed motivation for doing so.

It is worth mentioning that these classes are held weekly and include participants of varying backgrounds that enhance the total outcome of the discussions.

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