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Cleaners Strike and Garbage Piles, Who Is in Charge!

National Yemen

garbage piles up in the captial streets

By: Bushra Al-Ameri

Early last month Union of Workers and Municipalities issued a press release mentioning that cleaners   are to launch a comprehensive strike countrywide if their demands are not met. They demand to be officially hired and admitted so they resume their work and that they will not accept any kind of compensations.

In the press release, chairman of the union held government officials accountable for such consequences because they did not take their responsibility seriously. Chairman of the Workers Union Mohammed Al-Marzooqi stated that Prime Minister issued a ministerial decree to start considering and discussing the demands of the cleaners and form a committee that can get real information on the actual numbers of cleaners. “However, this is not enough as we demand quick and serious solutions that can never be met through this decree,” he added.

As the time limit passed, cleaners launched their strike in the capital Sana’a and other governorates as directed by the union. As they gathered in front of the offices of the union, cleaners said that they will not refrain unless the government meets all their demands including being officially hired and other demands that guarantee them a decent living.

In this regard, Al-Marzooqi noted that the decree recently issued by the Council of Ministers will take long time to be implemented. According to him, the cleaners and workers in the union will not resume working unless all their demands are answered and will not accept any procrastination or compensations.

After launching their strike, Prime Minister Basindowa held a meeting with a number of representatives last week during which they discussed the situation of cleanliness within the strike of the workers in the different governorates. During the meeting, the prime minister stressed the importance of suspending the strike and removing all the piles of garbage accumulating in the streets.

In the meeting, the prime minister directed the concerned authorities to quickly apply all demands of the cleaners and officially hire them. He directed them to quickly take the necessary procedures to implement the ministerial decree with the help of a representative of the union.