Local News

Comprehensive Strike for Drugs Institution Staff

By: Bushra Al-Ameri

The staff of the Drugs Institution carried out a comprehensive strike following an attack on the institution’s general director. The strike calls for the authorities to arrest the attackers.

General Director Dr. Abdulmone’m Al-Hakami was prevented from leaving the institution at gunpoint and was threatened to be killed if he disobeyed orders. Al-Hakami presented a formal report to authorities in Interior Ministry and stated that attackers claimed to belong to Al-Remal Drugs Institution. According to the report, the gunmen attacked the director because his institution did not provide Al-Remal Institution with its amounts of drugs.

In his report, Al-Hakami said that the attack took place in front of people including the guards of the institution and Sheikh Ahmed Ali Qa’as, the contractor of the National Laboratory Building that belongs to the institution. He wrote that employees of the institution of Fighting Malaria Disease also witnessed the attack.

Staff of the institution held a meeting with officials in the Interior Ministry and demanded the authorities to quickly arrest the attackers. According to the staff, a quick arresting of the attackers will prevent any future strikes. The staff stated that such incidents might result in a loss of life and disrupt the operations of the institution.