Diaries of a Diplomat in New York

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Diaries of a Diplomat in New York

BY NY Staff

A new book “Diaries of a Diplomat in New York” hit the shelves of Yemeni bookshops this week in Sana’a. The author Mr. Khaled Al-Yemany, currently serving as the Minister of Plenipotentiary within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describes in his memoir the day-to-day experience during his diplomatic mission at the UN in New York in 2010.

Mr. Al-Yemany’s tenure at the UN was notable, as Yemen became the chair country of the G77 that represents the interests of the least developed countries in the United Nations.

However, Mr. Al-Yemany’s book is not a simple narration of political events, but a personal narrative of a man fell in love with the Big Apple. The story is interwoven with stories the author recalls from his interactions with Yemenis living in New York and artfully describes their nostalgic love for their homeland as they grow and live apart from it.

The stories are interlaced with poems that blossom throughout the text evoking distant memories of his hometown of Aden. Mr. Al-Yemany of describes Aden, the once cosmopolitan port during the time of the British Empire, by comparing it to modern day New York – the universal city and home to everyone in the world.

The book ultimately serves as an apple-flavored memoir that depicts the joy of walking through Central Park while hearing the calls to return to a beloved, yet distant country.

The publication will be distributed to the foreigner diplomatic missions, governmental offices, Yemeni embassies abroad, and Sana’a bookshops.