Ethiopian Maid Killed while Offenders are Still Free

National Yemen

Medical report of the Ethiopian Maid

By NY Staff

As general situation in Ethiopia is getting more deteriorated, many of Ethiopian girls and women find Middle East a gold place for working with good salaries. Reports seem to be contradicted as some set the blame on the maids themselves and claim that maids are not well-qualified. At other times they  commit crimes while other reports accuse the hosting family of abusing the maid and mistreating them.

While many stories were reported about a number of Ethiopian servants who are committing severe mistakes and crimes against the hosting families, others were reported to be badly treated by the host families. However, the latter part seems to be more reported than the other.

Sajeah is an Ethiopian servant who came to work in Yemen leaving behind her husband and daughter. The 25 years old women started working for one of the families who immediately started dealing with her in a bad and aggressive way. The servant kept reporting and complaining about the bad treatment but with no success[LD3] .

On 21-8-2011, a police station was reported about a body at Ibn Sina Hospital and that it is of an Ethiopian citizen. The body was examined and results showed that she was subjected to torture which was clear in various parts of her body. According to the medical reports, she died due to a severe bleeding in the skull as a result of assaulting with a sharp weapon. They showed that the servant was brutally and inhumanely subjected to different kinds of torture including extinguishing cigarette butts on her hands and other parts of the body.

The case was reported against a number of people including Ahmed Mohammed Al-Joubi, Mohsen Ali Atef, and Yousif Yahiya Al-Kohalni. The accused men were out of prison as the father of one of them is a judge and so the case was closed with no fair sentence against them. Reporters say that offenders are free while the body of the Ethiopian citizen is still kept in Al-Thawra General Hospital. As the judicial system keeps ignoring the case, relatives of the victim demand to have her body so they can bury it in her homeland.