Minister of Defense: Cleaners Deserve Death

By NY staff

National Yemen

Defence Minister appeaser middle of military committee

Chairman of Workers and Municipalities Mohammed Al-Marzooqi condemned the recent statement of  Defense Minister Mohammed Nasser and the Secretary General of the Local Council regarding the cleaners.

According to Al-Marzooqi, the Minister of  Defense said, “cleaners deserve no rights but deserve death,” and the Secretary General said that they will never get what they are asking for.

Al-Marzooqi held both figures accountable for any harm that may happen to any of the cleaners. He also held government responsible and demanded officials there to grant cleaners all their rights and hold those responsible for corruption.

Cleaners expressed their dissatisfaction with the statements of the minister and secretary general and said that all of this will not cause them stop their strike. Cleaners insisted on continuing their strike until they get everything they are asking for.

In regard of the large risk their strike causes, cleaners apologized to people and asked them to stand by them so they get receive their full rights.

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  • It is really very sad tragedy and we are feeling sad for this. The person who is the cause of this he should be arrested and cleaners should get justice from Government. This blog has up to date information of this which is really sad.