Severe Cough Kills Children in Haja

National Yemen

Yemen doctors in al-Thawra Hospital

By Khadija al-Khateeb

Four children died while fifty others were infected with an acute cough that is spreading in the province of Al-Khamisan, Haja last week.

Chairman of Health Unit in “Ben Aqeeli” Khaled Ma’ajamy said that
disease is significantly spreading among children in the region at a time when there are no health facilities adequately prepared to deal with it.

He pointed out that the general health situation in the district is not satisfactory. “There are only private services with high prices that people cannot afford,” he stated.

According to Khaled, Health officials of the directorate have been informed of what is happening in the region, but with no success so far. Khaled explained the cough can cause fevers with temperatures that could threaten the lives of children.

Citizens in Al-Khamisan sent a humanitarian appeal to officials in the Ministry of Health to quickly rescue their children from this disease. They also demanded them to provide them with the necessary medicines to ensure their children’s treatment on an ongoing basis and free of charge as stipulated in the law.

In this regard, Sheikh Ali Masha’al Al-Khameesi said that the illness has been spreading for three weeks with the full knowledge of the health centre.  Sheikh Al-Khameesi harshly attacked officials in health centres of the directorate saying that they do not care about people’s lives.