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Shaothab Foundation Forms Team to Protect Children’s Rights

National Yemen

Two children Handcuffed in Hodeida Streets

By NY Staff

Shaothab Foundation for Childhood and Development formed a team of 20 activists from several government agencies, civil society and the media in order to support children’s issues.

The organization focused on three main issues that included reduction the use of corporal punishment in schools, determining the suitable age of marriage and the necessity of getting a birth certificate for free. The foundation will work on all these issues during the current year with the support of the International Organization for Children.

During the workshop that focused on the formation of the team, Mariam Al-Shawafi the Executive Director of the foundation expressed her concerns about violence that will potentially damage the future of Yemeni children. Al-Shawafi pointed out that the foundation, in collaboration with partners in UNICEF, concerned ministries, parliament and civil society organizations, seek the reduction of violence against children.

They aim to help them live in a safe environment by supporting and advocating a number of issues related to protecting children.