Trouble Erupts at Sana’a Air Port After Minister of Defense Decree

National Yemen

Sana'a Airport

BY NY Staff

Minister of Defense Mohammed Naser Ahmed issued a decree dismissing Abdurrahman Al-Kibsi from his position as the commander of the air police brigade and appointing Mojahed Hussien Al-Shadadi in his place. The decree was widely rejected as Al-Shadadi is a major in the First Armored Division and he does not work for the air forces.

As the decree was issued, fighting erupted at Sana’a Airport where armed groups from the Al-Shadadi tribe seized three air force military vehicles. Reports state that tribal men seized the military cars after Al-Shadadi arrived at work but soldiers prevented him from entering.

According to the sources, Al-Shadadi gathered the three seized cars and moved Al-Ma’arah hill near the airport where he used to position himself and his soldiers to protect the airport as a commander in First Armored Division. Taking in consideration that Al-Shadadi may try again to enter the brigade premises, the administration of the air force surrounded the airport with tanks, artillery and military cars to prevent such attempt.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Kibsi is known as a strong alley of Mohammed Saleh, who was also dismissed from his position by presidential decree but and refused to step down. On the other hand, Al-Shadadi who was appointed instead of Al-Kibsi is known as an ally of Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer, Commander of First Armored Division.