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UBI Correspondent Condemns the Harsh Campaign Against Him

 By: Bushra Al-Ameri

In a press release issued last week, Mohammed Al-Dailami correspondent of UBI, condemned the harsh campaign he was subjected to. In the press release, Al-Dailami said that a campaign launched by people who claim to belong to Arhab tribes in response to what they claim was a statement published on his website describing them as terrorists. Al-Dailami rejected what was said and stated that he described them as “gunmen who may belong to Al- Qaeda.”

According to the press release, the agency did not receive any complaints from the tribes but only saw what was published by Islah related news sites.

“The news sites stated on behalf of the tribes that they reject what was published in our site [UBI], which did not happen, in addition to the smear campaign they launched against Al-Dailami,” stated the release. The release stated that the campaign was published on Suhail and Shabab Al-Yemen channels and that it contradicts the morals of professional work.

According to the correspondent, the agency is ready to clarify his opinion of the Arhab tribes. Al-Dailami accused Islah party for launching the campaign against him and directed a speech to Arhab tribes saying that the agency depends on reliable sources. “We are not part of the Yemeni disputes and we depend on official and reliable sources,” Al-Dailami stated.