Al-Jafri Visists Al-Aqsa Mosque

National Yemen

Shaikh Habib al-Jafari

By NY Staff

Yemeni Islamic preacher Ali Abdurrahman Al-Jafri paid a visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine and received various reactions towards his visit. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the visit and said that it encourages others to visit the mosque as well. On the other hand, other parts condemned the visit especially that he entered the mosque with Israeli protection.

In this regard, Sheikh Azzam Al-Khateeb said that Al-Jafri came to the city with the help of Prince Hashim Ibn- Al-Ameer with no Israeli guard.

It is worth mentioning that the visit paid by Al-Jafri is considered to be the first time a Yemeni preacher visited the Al-Aqsa mosque.