Al-Mutawakel: New Government Performance is Weak

By: NY Staff

The former Minister of Industry and Trade Yahiya Al-Mutawakel said that the deteriorating living standards that Yemenis have been living in since last year will require the new government to enact programs urgently and swiftly.

“Ministers in the new government are required to adopt a strategy of emergency where there should be a balance between what is implemented and what really affects people’s life,” he stated. According to Al-Mutawakel, the performance of the government is so slow and that it is not promising. He thinks that current priorities of government are not related to the needs of the current situation. In addition, the decisions of various ministers, he said, are not integrated with those of the president resulting in a lot of confusion.

Speaking about the economic situations, the former minister considered the decision of the Representatives’ House as unsuccessful because it does not take in consideration the interest of people. The former minister criticized the government by saying, “They forgot about the people. Their decision reflects the political conflicts they have.”

Al-Mutawakel conceded that it is currently difficult to get secure financial resources due to the troubled production of oil and weak imports from the other countries. “Due to all of these factors, in addition to weak sovereignty of the state, the government must consider taking aid from foreign countries.”

Because of the uncertainty of oil, the former minister recommended the government reconsider its policy on oil. “Statistics prove that the oil amounts in the country are insignificant and may vanish in ten years. This means that the state is exporting much of the oil it will need to import in the near future.”

The former minister cited the government’s decision to increase the prices of diesel form 1000 to 2000 as a poor example of policy. “It [the increase] will not help the local market by any means. Instead, the government should be encouraging people to shift the use of diesel to petrol.