Interior Ministry: Terrorists Planning Attacks in Shabwa

National Yemen

Major General Abdul-Qadir Gahtan, New Yemen Interior Minister

By NY Staff

The Interior Ministry said on Thursday that Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is planning to launch terrorist attacks targeting oil and gas projects in Balhaf area in the southeastern gas-rich province of Shabwa.

In a statement posted on its website, the ministry said that al-Qaeda has prepared six cars laden with explosives and six suicide bombers with the aim of launching attacks on gas and oil institutions in Shabwa. The areas include, site Kilo 205, where many foreigners are working.

The ministry urged the security and police forces to remain vigilant and on the highest level of alert in order to foil any potential attack. It further urged the security leadership to take the warnings seriously and to apply strict security measures, especially around the gas companies and projects.

For his part, Interior Minister Abdul-Kader Qahtan expressed his confidence that the security forces will deter any terrorist attack. He said that the terror network is weak due to the painful strikes the Yemeni army carried out recently in the southern war-torn province of Abyan.