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Major General Abdul-Qadir Gahtan, New Yemen Interior Minister

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Saudi Embassay in Sana'a

By NY Staff

Security presence has been doubled with strict security measures around the Saudi embassy in Sana’a as well as the Saudi consulate and residence in the southern port city of Aden.

The security forces tasked with guarding the Saudi ministry were ordered to remain alert and on standby to foil any potential attack on the ministry.

This comes after Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Consul Abdullah Al-Kaledi was kidnapped on March 28th — the last day of his 5-year term in Yemen.

Meanwhile, 10 Saudi terrorists fighting with al-Qaeds in the Arabian Peninsula were reportedly killed in Abyan in clashes with army troops and tribal militias, which were formed by the local tribesmen to assist the army in eradicating the terror network.

The past couple of weeks have witnessed fierce clashes in Lawdar area of Abyan, leaving more than 200 militants killed, including Pakistanis, Saudis, Somalis, and others.

Yemen-based al-Qaeda wing seeks to expand its terrorist activities, taking an advantage of the distracted, exhausted government.