Political Activists Exposed to Prosecution

National Yemen

Friday prayers in Yemen a photo from archive

By NY Staff

A Yemeni activist reported that a large number of political activists outside Yemen, especially in the U.S., are subjected to prosecution by members of Yemen’s political and security forces.

The activist, who spoke unanimously, stated that they are prosecuted due to their participation in Yemen’s youth revolution.

According to him, security forces issued a warrant for the arrest of four activists including Yahiya Saraf Al-Kibsi, Abdulmone’m Al-Ghorbani, Ali Al-Faqeeh and Abdulwahab Al-Kibis. Since they are not in the country, they will be arrested if they decided to return to Yemen.

“Their actions are not limited to actions of prosecution; they send threatening messages to the activists and video taped them as they participated in activities supporting the Yemeni revolution,” he added

The activist demanded the human rights organization to protect the Yemeni activist and secure their return to the country to help build the new Yemen.