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Residents Request Compensation from Caltrex

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Drilling Operations

By: NY Staff

Due to the multiple drilling operations Caltex Company has been implementing for over 19 years, people of Masowar directorate in Amran demanded compensation from the company for damages.

Additionally, people of the directorate demanded to know the real purposes of the company and the reality of the devices used in their drilling operations because they are concerned of “radiation that may cause cancer disease or alike pathogenesis.”

According to people, public and private properties have also suffered damages due to the continuous drilling operations the company. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Faz, a member in the local council, said that the drillings caused the whole collapse of a three-story house and has damaged many others. In addition, Al-Faz revealed that many agricultural lands were damaged because the company enlarged the roads to fit its machines. According to him, damages are not limited to properties only but extend to many trees that were cut or withered due to a water shortage.

Sheikh Al-Faz reported that the company disguised the reality of its activities. Eventually, he discovered that they extract gold from their lands. “I learned the reality of their operations when I started working with them as a supervisor,” he said.

Al-Faz said that he tried to stop the damages and make the company compensate those who were harmed by its activities but only ended up in jail. According to him, a committee was recently formed to visit the directorate to check the damages and estimated the total cost at 4 millions YR. “Though the estimated cost is not realistic, the company agreed to pay it provided that people do not complain about the damages in the future, even if they get harmed again,” Al-Faz said.

People requested the government to meet their demands or else they will start acting on their own. “Every family will protest against the activities of the company and will put their tents on the places of the company operations so that all their activities stop until the people’s demands are answered,” Al-Faz added.

It is worth mentioning that people tried many times to deal directly with the administration of the company but requests were largely ignored. Residents say this is because the company is supported by senior figures in the country.