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Tele-Yemen Staff Threatens to Stop International Communications

National Yemen

TelYemen Headquarter in Tahreer Square

By NY Staff

Though a new executive manager was appointed in the company, staff at Tele-Yemen Communications  threatened to stop all the international communications if the company kept procrastinating their demands.

In 2006, the company agreed with the staff that it will compensate them for their years of duty and would improve the working conditions for the company. Because the agreement hasn’t been fulfilled, employees have continued to strike. Recently, hundreds of employees launched a number of protests before the company building in Al-Tahrir Square.

An employee says that the strike will continue until their union finishes negotiating with the administration. If negotiations continue for an extended period of time, employees threatened stop all international communications.

It is worth mentioning that the international communication is as important to the Yemeni economy as oil derivatives as it injects the general budget with millions of dollars.