Unfair Actions of Presidency Secretariat Leads to Strike

National Yemen

The child suffering of brain tumor

By: Sultan Abdullah

Pushed by his daughter’s battle with cancer, Nadheer Abdullah Al-Mansoub announced that he is ready to sell his kidney to save his daughter’s life. Nadheer who works in the Presidency Secretariat said he talked many times with the general manager Abdulhadi Al-Hamdani and provided him with documents that prove his daughter’s need to travel outside for treatment. “I was given some money but it was not enough even to travel to Taiz, much less outside the country,” Nadheer said.

Al-Mansoub reported that the general manager helps only those who are close to him.

Unfair decisions are commonly made in the secretariat. Manager Abdulhadi Al-Hamdani recently fired many secretariat employees with no legal reason and only replaced them all with relatives and friends. In addition to this, reports stated that financial payments are still owed to the previous employees.

Condemning all his actions, employees organized a number of strikes and protests asking the President Hadi to save them from the actions of their manager.