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US Report: Al-Qaeda Grows in Southern Yemen

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Al-Qaeda-linked groups in Yemen

By: NY Staff

The American website for military research reported that it would be easy for Al-Qaeda members to cut supply lines of military support if they can fully control Loader in Abyan governorate. According to the report, they will stop all military support for the army in Mudiea as Loader is an area of extreme strategic importance.

The report also stated that during the past week Al-Qaeda lost around 200 members while many others were injured as militants tried to seize Loader. Around 150 tribal men were also killed. According to the report, air forces launched many strikes against the locations of militants which resulted in many casualties. Meanwhile, Al-Qaeda kept ambushing the soldiers and generals of the army in the south on a daily basis. However, these attacks, the report said, have not affected the spirits of soldiers, as citizens were harmed the most; incidentally, weakening Al-Qaeda popularity amongst the local population.

The report also mentioned that Al-Qaeda has gained strength by exploiting tribal divisions and recruited some of them within their ranks. Al-Qaeda’s growth has also been supported due to terrorists fleeing other countries such as Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan due to heavy attacks and pressure. The report said that this has enabled them to effectively recruit and train fanatic youth in the south of Yemen.

Interestingly the report noted, many of the tribes in the south do not wish to be under the strict Islamic rule imposed by Al-Qaeda and that most of them support the government.