WHO Office Hold a Celebration and Honor of Senior Employees

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By NY Staff

Office of WHO in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and Population organized a celebration in the capital in occasion of establishing the organization with the slogan “Health Adds Years to Life.”

During the celebration, Minister of Public Health said that care of the elderly is an integrative process where individuals, family and concerned institutions should take part.

Al-Ansi said he directed all the sectors of the ministry to seriously consider the case of elderly care among their policies, programs and activities. “The health education sector in particular should take should increase their focus on the elderly.  They should do this because it is the elderly who spent their lives helping subsequent generations and serving the country,” said Al-Ansi.

He also called upon all media to intensify their efforts and focus the awareness campaign about the effects of certain life habits on the general health of people. “They also should focus on the necessity of following a balanced diet and avoiding the unhealthy behaviors like chewing qat and smoking,” he added.

The representative of the organization Dr. Gholam Rabanni noted that people in the Middle East will be subjected to major demographic shifts in terms of reducing birth and mortality rates and an increasing senior population.

Rabbani stressed that the organization encourages healthy patterns throughout every stage of life.

Also, during the celebration Dr. Muna Al-Medhwahi presented a film about the activities of the organization and its actions since it was first established in 1948.

It is worth mentioning that during the celebration, a number of senior employees working in the ministry were honored. At the end of the celebration, Minister of Public Health, the WHO representative and Dr. Mohammed Al-Kabab, a member in the Shura Council and Chairman of the Red Crescent Organization, awarded certificates to the honored senior employees.

Representative of the different sectors, a number of ministers, representatives of international organizations and other journalists attended the ceremony.