Yemeni Organization to Authorities: Leave Journalists Alone

National YEMEN

Minister of interior direct soldiers with new rules

By NY Staff

The Yemeni Organization expressed its concerns about the treatment of their general coordinator when he returned from Cairo after participating in an international conference held there.

The national security forces arrested the organization’s general coordinator Mohammed Al-Dailami as he stepped into the airport and was accused of false charges.

“They accused him for illegally leaving the country but he showed them all his legal documents, but he was still continuously provoked by the authorities,” the organization stated. They condemned putting Al-Dailami’s name on the list of travel-restricted list and demanded national security to remove it. Al-Dailami stated that he does not care about all the improper actions taken by authorities every time he leaves the country and will continue with his work.

The Yemeni Organization did not limit their condemnations to the case of Al-Dailami. They also condemned the smear campaign against activist Bushra Al-Maqtari. They also condemned the campaign against the journalist Mhammed Al-Dailami. The organization condemned people preventing people from professionally reporting what is happening in Yemen.

The organization requested the authorities to stop all illegal actions committed towards the activists and let them do their work freely.