Yemeni Sheikh Reveals Reality of Ansar Al-Shariah Actions

National YEMEN

Ansar Ashareea are seen near by mosque

By NY Staff

A Sheikh from Abyan governorate in the south of Yemen revealed that he could have saved the Saudi Vice Council Abdullah Al-Khalidi, who was previously kidnapped by Ansar Al-Sharia in Aden. The Sheikh who spoke unanimously said that Ansar Al-Sharia refused to negotiate with Saudis in their last meeting with Ansar Al-Shariah.

 “I contacted the Saudi Ambassador, a number of Saudi businessmen as well as Yemenis from Abyan and Hadramout who were ready to pay the ransom requested by Ansar Al-Shariah,” the Sheikh added.

The Sheikh denied that the Vice Council was kidnapped due to illegal marriage and said that kidnappers made this up to gain support of local citizens and take him to Abyan. He added that Ansar Al-Shariah called Aden Governor and told him that Al-Khalidi is still in Aden though he was already moved to Abyan.